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Why choose Hotel Olympia

Why Senigallia

The promenade in Senigallia, which boasts to be one of the most picturesque seaside towns of the Marches, is prized for its subtle golden sand and clear sea , clean and shallow waters . The symbol of this beautiful beach is the famous Rotunda of the sea, the center since 1933 of intriguing dance evenings and pleasant afternoons , which is offered today , restored to its former glory as an important showcase of all the original proposals of contemporary culture.

On warm summer evenings the seafront comes alive with many bars with live music and restaurants that cook fresh fish of the Adriatic. Senigallia is not only a beautiful seaside town to spend their holidays relaxing , sun and fun, but also a wonderful old town where you can appreciate the beauty of the past: the Roveresca Fortress , the Palace Bavaria, Duke's Palace , the Fountain of the Lions, Square and Rome's Fountain of Neptune, Palazzo Mastai , which displays precious relics that belonged to Pope Pius IX, the court Annonario wonderful , the Nuovo Teatro La Fenice and Musinf , museum of modern art, of ' information and photography.

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    The Rotunda

    La Rotonda a Mare has been restored to its former glory through an intervention that overall recovery was divided in two installments successivi. L'inauguration of the new Round took place in the summer of 2006. The proposed use of the Rotunda is now proposed to merge the functions within the same space of entertainment and tourist promotion of the region, becoming space accessible to all, a showcase of all the original proposals that come from contemporary culture..

  • senigallia 0001 rocca roveresca

    The Fortress Roveresca

    From the beach through a number of convenient access to the city you can reach the historic center dominated by the mighty fortress Roveresca. The property is perfectly preserved, dates back to 1480 and was built by Baccio Pontelli. It is a classic example of Renaissance military architecture, a square with four towers at the corners. Inside are the remains of the pre-existing Roman fortifications and you can visit the underground walkways and the doorways and halls adorned with decorations that are home to the permanent exhibition of the historical centers of the Marches.
  • senigallia 0002 foto annonario

    Foro Annonario

    The Foro Annonario is a structure that is located in the town of Senigallia, located in the historic center and a few steps from the central Piazza Roma, as well as close to the river Misa. The work was designed in 1834 by architect Peter Ghinelli in the neoclassical style, who proposed a circular which arose on the 24 Doric columns that support the structure above and forming a porch. To build all the bricks were used. Today we held daily buying and selling of fish (on the porch), fruits and vegetables (the central square), while in sottottetto are placed the library and the municipal archive.
  • senigallia 0003 Portici Ercolani

    Portici Ercolani

    It was Cardinal Joseph Ercolani to design the building and arcades in the mid-1700s. Tradition has it that in 1200 precisely in this area of the city were brought the relics of Mary Magdalene, who are remembered for the strong pilgrimage that ensued. It was after this event that the Fair was born of Mary Magdalene is still organized by the city in late August. The porches are made up of 126 arches along the river Misa.


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